Jobcase for partners: How Our Technology Makes Employee Recruiting More Efficient

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Human resources departments have sometimes been late to the table when it comes to leveraging technology in the hiring process, still relying on paper job applications in some cases. However, recruiting technology is catching up at last.  Talent acquisition managers now have access to more technologies than ever before, thanks to the rapid advancement that has taken place recently. So, what do these new recruitment technologies look like?

Recruitment Technologies Help Simplify Talent Acquisition

Gone are the days when employers posted help wanted signs in the window and job seekers combed their local help wanted newspaper ads. Job posting websites began to pop up a few years after mass adoption of the Internet in the late 1990s, but these would not gain traction until a few years later. LinkedIn was born in 2003, offering job seekers and employers new ways to connect.

Online job boards, as we know them today, came along in 2006.  Catering to job seekers, these sites acted as aggregators, scraping job postings from dozens or even hundreds of other online locations.  These sites were helpful for job seekers but did not have many employer-focused features.  Fortunately, this, too, has changed in recent years. Now, new recruitment technologies make online recruiting an essential tool for hiring managers.

Sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter (and all the other Internet platforms out there with job posting functionality, e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) allow companies to promote their open positions.  But how does a business ensure they are reaching the right applicants when there are so many places to look for candidates online?  Previously, an employer would have to spend the time and money to place job postings on all these platforms or worry about potentially missing out on qualified (and maybe the best) applicants.  To make matters worse, each of these job sites looks and works differently, has different bidding and payment systems, requires separate logins, passwords, etc.  It’s a lot to manage, especially for small businesses, or employers hiring for multiple openings. 

This is where powerful recruitment technology from Recruitology makes a huge difference. Today’s recruitment services  may be the most advanced yet.  That’s because they incorporate artificial intelligence that looks for the best job sites to advertise each job, based on which sites provide the top visibility to candidates, simplifying hiring exponentially. This type of technology allows employers to post an open job on an easy-to-use site, and reach job seekers on the top hiring sites, with just one step.  So, how does this powerful technology work?

Easier Employee Recruiting with Programmatic Job Distribution 

Recruitology’s MaxRecruit® takes the guesswork out of deciding where to post a job. Employers can go to one of Recruitology’s reseller partner websites and post a job with one simple process.  Add the job listing and a few other key details and the job is automatically distributed to the most effective job sites for the open position.

MaxRecruit’s cost-per-click system establishes the right advertising bid amounts on each job site, adjusting accordingly for position and job market.  The system’s ActiveMonitoring™ technology constantly monitors a job’s performance and makes adjustments based on CPC and other variables, doing everything possible to ensure the job gets in front of the most qualified applicants.  The programmatic job distribution system may make multiple bid adjustments per day on dozens of job sites, over a number of days or even weeks, depending on the job post.  That can add up to thousands of automated actions taken to find the right candidates! 

What Does This Technology Mean for Employers?  

Programmatic job distribution is a game changer for small to midsize businesses.  Previously known mainly to larger employers, programmatic is the smart way to recruit, no matter what the job. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows the job ads to be distributed to the right sites at scale, which offers a massive increase in efficiency for employers, no matter how frequently they hire.  Plus, this system monitors and updates CPC bids in real time. This capability levels the playing field for businesses large and small who would not have this expertise on staff, nor the budget to pay for it.

Fortunately for companies of all sizes, advances in recruitment technology, like the intelligent job distribution that powers Recruitology’s MaxRecruit, have resulted in greatly improved hiring efficiency for human resources teams everywhere.  Thanks to advances in AI, it is now possible for even the smallest companies to access the best candidates available for their open positions. 

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