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Jobcase for partners:
Next Generation Recruitment Solutions

A leader in AI-powered programmatic job distribution and local candidate sourcing, Jobcase for partners takes recruitment solutions to the next level. From our cloud-based recruiting platform to our talent acquisition suite and white-label HR tech products, we enable employers to transform how they find, hire and manage talent with best-of-breed automated solutions. 

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Our Markets

The #1 Recruiting Platform for Media Companies
With Jobcase for partners' intelligent recruiting platform, we give media companies the ability to offer competitive and comprehensive recruitment solutions to employers. Our sophisticated, user-friendly tools provide unmatched hyperlocal access to both active and passive candidates, helping grow digital revenue for  media companies.  We serve over 200,000 employers by delivering job visibility through more than 500 top sites, niche networks, and local job boards.
Our clients include:
The Best Recruitment Marketing Solutions for Employers
Whether you are a small business looking for your next local hire, or an enterprise sourcing talent in many locations, our talent acquisition suite has a product for you: programmatic job advertising, niche networks, intelligent candidate matching, Facebook Passive Audience Campaigns, and much more. We utilize artificial intelligence to analyze and manage candidate data quickly so you can make informed decisions in record time.
HR Tech Providers Get to Market Faster with our White-Label Tools
Using our proprietary recruitment technology, you can build recruitment capabilities like job boards, programmatic advertising and access to niche networks in record time. We offer APIs for a wide range of recruitment technology products. When  you want to incorporate recruitment technology into your HR products, we’re your source for AI-powered capabilities.  

Our Recruitment Solutions

MaxRecruit®, AI-Driven Programmatic Job Advertising
MaxRecruit is Jobcase for partners' programmatic recruitment marketing product. It automatically helps you purchase, distribute, and optimize job postings and related budgets across top job sites. MaxRecruit analyzes your job’s performance on each job site we post to. It then adjusts your job’s placement on the site and its cost per click advertising according to the site’s performance.  All you need to do is post once and worry less!
Recruitment Solutions for All Businesses
From small businesses to large media companies, we have the solutions to help. We level the talent acquisition playing field for businesses of every size. Our white-label recruitment solutions allow media companies to help local employers find the talent they need to be successful.

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