How to Promote Your Company Culture on LinkedIn

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With over 40 million users using LinkedIn every week to search for jobs, projecting a positive company culture on the platform is essential. To begin with, it can help you attract top talent, which is beneficial in many ways. Ideally, a talented workforce is synonymous with high productivity and superior customer service, essential components for business profitability. 

Again, with over 57 million companies listed on the platform, it's crucial to differentiate yourself and appeal to more users. Probably, you're looking at the statistics and wondering whether you stand a chance. But the good news is that LinkedIn is ripe with opportunities for every company. As long you have a smart social media strategy, you can reap immensely. 

At the minimum, you need to optimize your profile, then embark on promoting your company culture strategically to appeal to the 40 million-plus job seekers, as well as the larger pool of over 700 million users.  

What is Company Culture?

Essentially, company culture refers to a company's personality. This encompasses its values, goals, practices, and attitudes that uniquely identify it. Company culture is developed over time and championed by its leaders and employees. In practice, it's weaved into every aspect of its day-to-day operations, including the hiring process. 

In the same way an individual with a strong personality is endearing, a company that depicts a strong culture is able to attract the right talent. Also, it has a high success rate in orienting new job market entrants into embracing and promoting its values.   

Common characteristics of excellent company culture include; strong leadership, teamwork, recognition, diversity, and effective communication. These are emphasized through aspects of the company such as business hours, office setup, customer service, hiring processes, employee benefits, dress code, etc. 

Why Is It Important to Promote Your Company Culture?

Promoting your organizational culture is pretty beneficial. Generally, positive company culture is synonymous with success. Leading companies such as Google, Twitter, Adobe, Zoom, etc., are known for their excellent cultures. 

Below are the top two reasons why you should care about promoting your culture on social media, and LinkedIn in particular.

Helps Attract Top Talent

Company culture has become an essential aspect of employee recruitment and retention. Job seekers prioritize positive company culture over other job selection criteria. This is because the culture impacts profitability and employee welfare, which are crucial in their career growth and development. According to statistics, over 86% of job seekers shun companies with a negative reputation. For this reason, it's paramount to portray a positive brand image, especially on LinkedIn, where job seekers might be scouting you out. 

As we mentioned earlier, projecting a positive culture helps attract top talent. These are highly motivated individuals with exceptional abilities. According to studies, talented employees can boost your revenue by over 30%.

As a company's positive culture promotes productivity and profitability, the employees become engaged in their roles. This sets a cycle of gains as employee engagement boosts their productivity by over 200%. And the sequence of productivity and profitability sets the company on a path of perpetual success. Consequently, staff turnover is significantly reduced even as employees become increasingly invested in the company.

Helps Build Trust

Company employees are central in promoting the organization's culture. For instance, you may showcase employee activity in a bid to put faces behind your brand. This helps humanize the company, increasing its appeal to both clients and potential employees. The posts also amplify your values, thereby fostering transparency. And as the audience interacts with the content, they develop trust for your brand.

Ways to Promote Your Company Culture

Having discussed the importance of promoting your company culture, here are ways to get you started. 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

As we began by saying, LinkedIn is ripe with opportunities, with millions of potential clients and potential employees interacting with the platform daily. However, your page has to be discoverable; otherwise, you stand missing on many potential leads. One of the primary ways of increasing your page's visibility is optimizing it. This involves completing the profile filling all the required fields (name, company size, description, logo, industry, address, website URL, etc.), as well as posting and engaging with your audience. Completing the profile may appear very basic, but it can multiply your visitors, hence crucial.  Once the page is optimized, then you can embark on using it to promote your culture.

Promote Employee-Generated Content

Has the company held an event recently? If the employees took photos during the event and shared them on their profiles, don't forget to reshare them with your followers. This gives the impression that your employees are happy to be part of the company's activities, which increases its appeal.

Actually, you can take a proactive approach by encouraging the employees to take photos and post on their profiles. Also, you can post group photos directly on the company page, with captions that hint into the culture around the company. 

Showcase Any Industry Recognition

Whenever the company or employees receive any industry recognition, ensure you share it with your followers. Recognitions speak volumes about your company's performance and can go a long way in creating a positive impression.

Interact With Your Audience

Content marketing is a leading business promotion strategy that you can ride on to promote your culture. Generally, effective content marketing requires consistency. This calls for, among other things, having a content calendar with a mix of different types of content (blog posts, quotes, statistics, videos, infographics, images, etc.) Your marketing team can brainstorm on various content that can help promote your culture, such as staff photos, customer feedback, videos (see below), press releases, etc., then incorporate them on the calendar. 

Once you share the content with your LinkedIn followers, ensure you keep up with the comments and respond as promptly as you can. The interaction makes the followers feel appreciated and boosts the company's image in people who come across the conversations. 

Create Videos

Lastly, ensure you slot video creation on your content calendar and purpose to create and share different videos. These could be tours around the company, or you can film the employees at work, during a charity event, engaging in a recreation activity, etc. Your options are limitless here, but as much as portraying the human aspect of the company is essential, the videos must project a positive image.

Key Takeaway

Promoting your company culture on LinkedIn is essential in building your brand image. In return, it can help you attract top talent and build trust in existing and potential clients. Besides, having a positive culture is beneficial as it helps increase employee engagement, thereby boosting productivity and profitability. 

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