Hiring Competition in 2021

General Recruiting

Recruiting has radically changed in the last year. Businesses continue to adjust to the realities brought about by the pandemic. Moreover, the demand for social and racial justice has escalated, affecting how companies recruit and treat their employees. 

In 2021, there has already been — and will continue to be — stiff competition for top talent in a number of industries. 

Here are some of the most popular industries and positions in the hiring landscape currently. 


The healthcare sector consistently shows up on recruitment trend lists. The U.S News and World surveyed the best 100 jobs in the United States in 2021, and healthcare positions fill many of the top spots. 

Over the last year, the importance of healthcare workers has also been reinforced. The pandemic escalated this demand, but as an example, there was already a growing shortage of nurses nationwide. 

While the pandemic has most likely shown a spotlight on the issue, the need for healthcare workers will grow while the supply tries to catch up. It’s possible that this will result in higher salaries and better benefits, and employers will have to compete to land the talent they want.  


Freight is expected to continue increasing as more people embrace online shopping. This means there will be a sustained demand for truck drivers. Currently, there is a shortage of truck drivers, and freight firms are giving hefty pay rises to attract additional drivers to allow them to haul more goods.

However, the pay rise is only one solution. Firms have been looking at ways to attract younger drivers by offering them terms that support their lifestyles and align with their values.

Additionally, freight firms and receivers have created more options to improve efficiency. One is scheduling delivery windows or appointments so shipments can be unloaded quickly. Another is to forgo a delivery appointment and use a “drop trailer” method.   

These types of changes -- along with adopting the right technologies to help with such things as routing and record keeping -- can certainly make the industry more agile. 

But the increased demand and low supply are still the biggest problems facing employers.


The hospitality and travel industry will see major changes in their way of doing things. More people may opt for air travel to reduce travel time and exposure to health risks. 

There is an increased need for hygiene and sanitation professionals. This is significant in keeping clients safe and instilling confidence in their health and safety standards. These establishments need more hygiene and sanitation workers.

Clients are more conscious about their immunity and wellness. This has seen a shift in the kind of foods and drinks they are ordering. Consequently, facilities are looking for nutritionists willing to double up as cooks. 

Since bookings are still low, hospitality and travel establishments are looking for multi-skilled employees to reduce the number of workers and still offer high-quality services.

Hospitality and travel facilities now need to advertise their services and products more aggressively to gain visibility. Most of them are resorting to digital marketing strategies, with most of them outsourcing this function. 

There is also a demand for designers and creators. The few guests who will be patronizing hotels and restaurants will be willing to pay more for a unique experience and adventure. This has given rise to new job opportunities in the travel and hospitality industry. 

Popular Jobs in 2021

Truck Driver CDL

Truck drivers are in short supply despite the increased need to haul more cargo. Since cargo firms are competing for drivers, they promise better salaries, more benefits, and family-friendly terms. Young drivers are in demand, and they are being enticed with higher pay, family-friendly schedules, and benefits.

Registered Nurse

It is projected that the need for registered nurses will increase as the supply dwindles. The shortage is due to the high number of retiring nurses, fewer nursing graduates, higher populations, and the need for quality nursing care.

“The U.S. is projected to experience a shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) that is expected to intensify as Baby Boomers age and the need for health care grows. Compounding the problem is the fact that nursing schools across the country are struggling to expand capacity to meet the rising demand for care given the national move toward healthcare reform.” - The American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Some healthcare facilities that want to retain their top nursing talent are giving them better working conditions and benefits, such as training resources and flexible schedules.

Customer Service Rep

More companies rely on call centers to manage customer care tasks like sales, refunds, and loyalty programs. Demand for customer care reps is higher in the financial service sector, insurance, utilities, and communication. 

As most firms turn to the Internet to connect with clients, they are looking for customer service reps who are comfortable with digital technologies. 
We all know 2021 holds hiring unknowns. But keeping track of trends can help us better understand what job seekers are looking for and how best to reach them. Let us know if you need help figuring out what’s happening in YOUR industry.