Programmatic Job Advertising to Find the Right Candidates.
Tap into our free marketing tools and resources offered to all our job board partners!

We understand that not all media companies have the time and resources to focus on marketing your digital recruitment solutions. We are here to help you increase brand awareness, retain your customer base, and ultimately drive more digital recruitment revenue!

Our free marketing services include:

  • Pre-Built Self-Service Digital Job Posting Site and Employer Recruitment Account
  • Employer Email Marketing Program (for self-service partners only)
  • Digital & Print Ad Templates
  • Employer Engagement Webinars

Pre-built Self-Service Digital Job Posting Site and Employer Recruitment Account

Make it simple for your employers to post their jobs online! Now your employers can post their jobs via your branded self-service job posting and distribution site. Employers can manage hiring on your branded, easy-to-use applicant tracking account. 

A self-service job posting platform:

  • Allows your customers to post a job online – quickly and easily
  • Delivers your customers’ jobs to top sites like Indeed®, Glassdoor®, Jobcase™ and many more, all with one post
  • Establishes you as a leader in the industry by providing a hands-free, one-and-done, recruitment service for your customers
  • Drives NEW revenue to your bottom line – with ease
  • Acts as a lead generator - a notification will be sent to you when a self-service order is placed for upsell opportunities
  • Lets your employers post their job, and manage candidates online, whenever is convenient for them

Giving your customers access to a self-serve job posting site, allowing them to buy, post, and hire online will only improve your relationship with your customers. 

We do all the heavy lifting. You can give your customers an easy-to-use, branded, self-service, job posting site.  At no cost to you.

Employer Email Program

We’ve built a series of highly focused call-to-action email campaigns to drive your employers to your branded, automated, online job posting site.  There are two types of email programs:

  • Welcome email - a series of emails announcing the launch of your e-commerce site to previous or current customers
  • Re-engagement email - a series of emails to help nurture current customers for repeat purchases and drive long term value.

Plus we will provide you complete email campaign analysis and results reporting.

Partners who participate in our marketing email program reap the benefits of growing digital revenue. We’ve analyzed the effectiveness of these email campaigns and know that our average Partner will see a 5%-25% increase in sales, by participating in our employer email program!

Ad Templates

We have developed a range of digital and print ad templates to help promote your recruitment solutions. Created in a tool called Canva, they are free to you, and easy to customize for your advertising needs, whether it’s posting an ad on your social media platform, adding a banner ad on your website, or including a print ad in a printed newspaper edition.   

State of Recruitment Employer Webinars

Looking for a great way to educate your customers and keep them engaged with your brand? Consider putting on a “State of Recruitment” webinar with Jobcase for partners.   We provide an overview of the state and local employment trends and recommendations on how employers can overcome many challenges they currently face.  We do all the research, put together the deck, set up the webinar online  and present the webinar! Afterwards, you’ll get information on attendees for follow-up. It’s that easy.

If you’re interested in Jobcase for partners participating in one of your webinars, contact us today at

Our Results – Your Success

With Jobcase for partners, you’re set up for success. We power dozens of digital self-service job posting sites for our print and media partners. And many of our partners have opted into our employer email program, ad templates and state of recruitment webinars. It’s time for you to take advantage of the FREE resources as well!   

Contact our Partner Success Team today at

Jobcase for partners builds and powers media companies’ digital job posting products – and drives more money to your bottom line. We’ve created the digital recruitment solutions your customers are looking for, and we turn them into your profits.

For nearly a decade, Jobcase for partners has delivered turnkey digital recruitment products and services to the nation’s largest media companies, successfully growing digital revenue for our partners while helping employers find the right candidates.  

Now we can offer you these same money-making turnkey solutions. 

Our “right-out-of-the-box” products can become your branded digital offerings with no effort or up-front expense. You can immediately:

  • Provide your customers an easy job posting process
  • Deliver your customers’ jobs to sites like Indeed®, Glassdoor®, Jobcase™ and many more, all with one post
  • Offer social media recruitment solutions to your customers
  • Allow your customers to post a job online with a self-service posting site
  • Establish yourself as a leader in the industry by providing a hands-free, one-and-done digital recruitment service for your customers
  • Drive NEW revenue to your bottom line-with ease

Turnkey Recruitment Sales Products:

Digital revenue complements print. 

The challenge facing print media is only growing. Digital advertising is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s where everyone seems to be going for recruitment advertising. And that’s why Jobcase for partners has made it our business to build your business and we’re doing it for hundreds of media partners already.  

While we know the many benefits and tremendous value of print advertising, we also know that your customers are looking for digital solutions.

Profit for you, cost savings to your customers.

Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and CareerBuilder are taking money out of your pocket. When your customers post their jobs directly with them, you don’t earn a penny.  But if you give your customers the ability, through your “one-and-done” digital solution, to post to those very sites - you get paid too! We maximize your customer’s results and ensure that their jobs are posted across a spectrum of leading job sites. For one low price.   

We succeed when you succeed.

Let us set you up for digital success.

Digital recruiting is our area of expertise.  We deliver the biggest bang for the buck for your customers across our suite of product offerings. We make you look good. And we make you money. The biggest players in the print media industry are relying on Jobcase for partners to power their digital recruitment offerings. Because we’re the best at what we do. 

Your customers are demanding digital.
Give them what they want.  
Give them what they need. 

Let us show you just how easy it can be to become the digital solution your customers are searching for. Add a full suite of branded digital products to your offering today. Hassle free. 

Contact our Partner Success Team today at

Enhance your credibility, build your bottom line. Partner with us for Success.

Jobcase is an online community dedicated to empowering the world’s workers. Job postings will be accessible by Jobcase’s 100+ million registered members. Jobcase is one of the top 2 US online career services*, and receives 15-20 million unique visitors per month!

Jobcase is where employers can find a new audience of workers, who are active every day.

With Jobcase, employers can:

  • Reach more workers with our massive scale, network and insights – reducing cost to hire.
  • Access workers who aren’t on job boards–expanding their audience and reducing time to hire.
  • Identify and connect with the workers who match their hiring needs.

Jobcase Flexible Job Slots

  • Post, repost and replace jobs as much as you like in a single job slot! Job slots let you post when you need, for as long as you need, all for a low monthly subscription fee.  Instead of buying another job posting every time you have a new role, Jobcase Flexible Job Slots allows you to swap out one of the jobs you have already posted and re-use your job slot. It’s great for companies who are “always hiring”, or expect to have multiple positions open.

  • Benefits:
    • Flexible. Swap jobs in and out of the job slot at any time
    • Fixed Monthly Cost. Budget ahead of time with no surprises
    • Cost-effective. If one job fills quickly, adding an additional position could be filled in the same job slot without additional cost
    • Save time. No need to purchase a new job posting for new open positions.  Just swap out a job in an existing job slot
    • Easy to increase. If you have multiple jobs, it’s quick and easy to purchase multiple job slots to meet your hiring needs
    • Large reach. Your job posting will be accessible by Jobcase’s 100+ million registered members
    • Works well in conjunction with MaxRecruit® for the best distribution of your job posting

  • Features:
    • Available in three performance levels (Gold and Platinum garner more exposure on the Jobcase community):
      • Jobcase Job Slots Basic
      • Jobcase Job Slots Gold
      • Jobcase Job Slots Platinum
    • Job slots can be purchased with a monthly subscription

Jobcase 30 day job posting

  • Expand your job posting distribution to the Jobcase community. The 30 day Jobcase job posting is great for employers who have one or two open positions or are looking to fill entry level, skilled, gig and hourly positions.

  • Benefits:
    • Increased awareness. Provides broad visibility to Jobcase’s highly engaged community of job seekers

  • Features:
    • Distributes your job to the Jobcase community who are looking for their next job opportunity

*Comscore Media Metrix®, Career Services and Development, Total Audience, July 2022, U.S.

Our Matched Candidate solution delivers candidates to you, rated as Great Match, Good Match and Possible Match.

Automatically tap into our extensive resume and profile databases to provide you a list of potential candidates for your open position. Your potential candidates are rated based on how well they fit with your job, ranging from Great Match to Good Match or Possible Match.

Matched Candidates is the perfect complement to MaxRecruit®, our AI-powered programmatic job advertising service*, and our Niche Networks*, which reach job seekers in a range of industry and affinity groups.

Benefits of Candidate Matching Software

Talent acquisition is especially difficult these days, particularly in certain regions, and for certain high-demand positions.  Candidate matching allows you to reach out to well-qualified individuals to talk about new opportunities.

We understand that you face an especially difficult task when trying to hire for hard-to-fill roles or positions that require specialized skills.  Matched Candidates gives you a leg up on the competition by allowing you to make contact with ideal applicants who may not actively respond to a job posting. 

When jobs are this difficult to fill, due to market conditions or requirements, it is beneficial to have a pool of suitable candidates to fall back on, in the event you need to fill another position in the future.  Jobcase for partners' Matched Candidates creates a talent pool for each position that never expires!

How Does Candidate Matching Work?

Drawing from a database of about 30 million candidates-- from our own exclusive list plus national recruiting websites and other sources--our candidate matching software extracts a pool of qualified talent that meet your specifications “to a T”.  Here’s how it works:

  • You have already created a job description for your open position. Be sure to include requirements such as education, experience, and skills that your ideal applicant will have.  More robust job descriptions produce the strongest pools of passive candidates. Our proprietary candidate matching technology uses artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning and natural language processing to analyze your job description and then query job seeker databases for passive candidates who are qualified for your job. 
  • Using data analysis techniques, Matched Candidates rates each person as a Great Match, a Good Match, or a Possible Match. You can then view any candidate’s information, and contact them directly. Your recruitment account’s Talent Pool tab will show all the matches, and is available to you even after you fill the position, so you can consider these applicants for similar positions in the future. You already have a ready-made talent pipeline!

Matched Candidates is available in two levels:

  • Matched Candidates: approximately 25 candidates, rated by our system as Great Matches or Good Matches.
  • Matched Candidates Platinum: approximately 100 candidates, rated by our system as Great Matches or Good Matches.

If you start with regular Matched Candidates, but want to access more, you can upgrade to Platinum on the spot.

Add Passive Candidates to Your Talent Pool with Matched Candidates.

When you need to find all the qualified candidates for your open position, add candidate matching technology to your job advertising program today with Jobcase for partners' Matched Candidates!

*Matched Candidates is only available as an add-on to MaxRecruit programmatic job advertising and/or Niche Network specialty job board networks.

Simplify and Fast-Track your Job Distribution

Simplify and Fast-Track your Job Distribution

With our easy-to-set-up data connector, Jobcase for partners provides ADP Workforce Now clients who have the Recruitment module with the power to boost online jobs’ visibility and reduce time to hire. 

You’ll be able to synchronize ATS data without the hassle of running complex integrations. 

With our Job Distribution Connector for ADP Workforce Now Recruitment, it's never been easier for ADP employers to maximize the impact of job posting across top job sites with one easy post!

Jobcase for partners’ Job Distribution Connector for ADP Workforce Now Recruitment  Helps Reach Top Talent in your Market

Supercharge your job advertising process now with Jobcase for partners.

Are the best candidates still eluding your grasp because they cannot find your job postings online? Do you have limited access to a network of  job posting sites and still are not  able to meet your requirements? 

Are you overwhelmed by the setup, deployment, and cost of recruitment solutions? Look no further. The struggle is over. 

We give you an opportunity to land the right candidates for your essential positions while saving the time needed to post on multiple job distribution platforms.

The world of employee recruiting  has changed, and talent acquisition models have significantly evolved. 

Now more than ever, it's vital for you to quickly and easily increase your  volume of qualified applicants by opening up opportunities that are usually out of reach or cost too much. 

Our programmatic job distribution solution is designed for this very purpose – we help recruiters like you promote vacancies more broadly, so you  can attract and hire your  next great employee, quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Integration for Job Board Distribution

Our easy-to-use solution directly connects ADP Workforce Now clients who have the Recruitment module with our unique proprietary job board distribution and programmatic job advertising products. 

This will allow you  to publish job postings on the top mainstream employee recruiting  platforms, as well as niche job portals, making it much easier to streamline job distribution across sites like ZipRecruiter®, Indeed®, or Glassdoor®, and more.

On top of our programmatic flagship product, MaxRecruit®, you can select various advertising options to reach diverse candidates on niche job sites and social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

The best part is that you write your job description once and we do all the work for you. No need to copy and paste to several different job boards or sites anymore.

The Jobcase for partners integration for ADP is a great addition to your ADP Workforce Now Recruitment platform.

Jobcase for partners is a trusted solution in the ADP marketplace.

No Extra Steps | No Separate Login | No Hidden Fees 

An Overview of our Innovative Features

Post Once, Reach Many

With Jobcase for partners' MaxRecruit programmatic advertising, employers can automatically distribute and manage jobs on top sites, like Indeed and Glassdoor, for maximum coverage and exposure. With this solution, rest assured that the right candidates are at hand and ready to apply.

Be Seen by the Right Talent

Reach a broad, diverse pool of people with our Targeted Audience Networks. We have assembled leading, field-specific niche job networks in various industries to help you connect with all types of job seekers, from seasoned veterans to recent college graduates looking to make their first career move out into the workforce.

Quickly Find Hidden Gems

The Jobcase for partners Matched Candidate product is a great way to locate qualified candidates. Access the broadest database of resumes  and jumpstart the search by identifying people who meet your specific criteria, even if they aren't currently looking for a job – all without spending hours sifting through employment websites.

Add a Full-Featured Job Board to Your Media Company’s Website

Media companies can use Jobcase for partners' white-label Job Board Software to create, customize and manage your own branded job board—with all the features you need to reach a local audience of employers and job seekers. 

With our white-label Job Board Software solution, newspapers and other media companies can add a full-featured job board to their website. Everything is managed in one place, and you can highlight your brand hassle-free while we host, set up, operate, and maintain a premier job board for you. 

Why Choose Jobcase for partners' Job Board Software?

Our Job Board Software lets you advertise your customers’ open positions and connect them with relevant candidates. Extend your trusted recruitment brand to work with the full range of employers, from local mom-and-pops to regional and national companies. It’s the perfect option to create a job board for your customers. 

Our Job Board Software solution is already used by hundreds of local media companies like the Charlotte Observer, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, San Diego Union-Tribune, and many more. 

Job seekers can sign up to receive our Enhanced Job Alerts powered by our AI matching technology, letting them know when one of your employers’ jobs is a good fit for them. Employers can also choose to boost their visibility with a Featured Job on your job board, and more.

To complement our white-label job board solution, we make it easy for you to add other recruitment services such as programmatic advertising, niche networks, virtual career fairs, and social media recruitment. 

With our programmatic solution, MaxRecruit®, your employers’ jobs are intelligently matched to candidates on leading national job sites, for the broadest visibility and reach.

Get started today on our single platform combining all the features you need to start, run, and grow your job board. Your recruitment brand will be a key part of your digital footprint.

Jobcase for partners' Job Board Software Benefits

This is your opportunity to stand out with a full-featured, customizable job board. Job seekers can search by keyword, title, or company name and narrow their search by detailing city, state, or zip code. The results are filtered by distance, experience, or job category and deliver the full job description.

  • Tailor your job board with engaging design and content: Jobcase for partners' Job Board Software is versatile. You can select the job board design template that works best for your brand. Responsive design features ensure that the board is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Thanks to a clean and straightforward design, it looks good, too! 
  • Increase  traffic, leads, and sales: Hosting your job board and supplying maintenance is only the beginning. We offer sophisticated self-service job posting options to extend the reach of your sales team. We provide widgets that extend parts of your job board (e.g. Job search fields) by making these available on your other web properties. Job seekers benefit from excellent location-based filtering and valuable features as well as Enhanced Job Alerts. 
  • Search-engine optimized: Our application automatically creates sitemaps, using structured and interlinked categories. Our job board software features auto-generated, phrase-based job content pages with optimized headings, titles, and URLs, using the bot-friendly Job Posting microformat. It also offers a streamlined process for applying: candidates just need to upload a resume after entering their name and contact details. All job listings are SEO-friendly for greater visibility and reach.
  • Increase brand awareness: To be on top of your game, you can add your own content or leverage Jobcase for partners' career development articles and curated third-party career information to deliver dynamic insights into what’s happening in your area. Job seekers will have even more reasons to trust you, which will keep them coming back to your local job board to find jobs. Local employers will benefit from the site traffic and quality employee prospects that you deliver to them to fill their open positions.

On-Demand Freelance and Part-Time Marketplace.

Need to bring in contract or part-time help? Moonlighting is the mobile on-demand marketplace that connects people looking for work with people ready to hire. With more than 500,000 registered workers, Moonlighting gives you broad relevant reach to freelancers, contractors, and part-time workers who will put their expertise to work for you.

What you can expect with Moonlighting:

  • Great fit for employers and small businesses with:
  • Short-term hiring needs
  • Projects you don't want to field in-house
  • Seasonal hiring
  • Flexible positions
  • Moonlighting will increase your job's exposure to over 500,000 on-demand workers.
  • Your position will be advertised on the nation's most respected news media sites.

Three options are available.
Select the one that's right for you.

Common jobs where talent is relatively easy to locate.

Blast Plus
Jobs where you need a more specialized skillset.

Blast Plus Banner
Jobs where you need a more specialized skillset and you want to amplify your visibility to hire as quickly as possible.

Add a FREE Job Board to your company website in minutes.

Promote your open positions on your company’s website with a free job board

My Job Board is a simple web widget that adds a ready-to-use job board to your website, letting job seekers search for and apply to your jobs. Quickly and easily integrated, My Job Board helps you highlight open positions on your website.

Benefits of My Job Board

  • Promote your open positions to candidates on your own branded job board.
  • No setup is required: your unique job board url is created automatically.
  • Also available as a WordPress plugin. 

Features of My Job Board

  • Job seekers can search for jobs by location and company.
  • Each job posting contains a full job description page with title, description, location, job type and posted date; plus links to apply now, share the job, and can send the job seeker a reminder to apply later.
  • Candidates simply click to apply right from your job board.
  • You can customize My Job Board by adding your logo.
  • My Job Board search or job listings module can be added to an existing careers page via a code snippet: just copy and paste to your site.

Job Listings and Job Search Modules

You can add a Job Listings or Job Search module to your site with My Job Board. These modules are compatible with most of the common web page banner sizes. Choose from Job Listings, Simple Job Search, or Advanced Job Search, depending on your needs.

Proactively Source Passive Candidates

Jobcase for partners' Candidate Search is our resume and profile search offering that helps recruiters identify potential hires from our 30+ million top-tier resumes and profiles database. 

Based on your criteria, Candidate Search will find, sort, and shortlist the most relevant resumes – including passive candidates who are not currently searching for a new job – and highlight the candidates meeting your requirements. 

Candidate Search gets you high-quality potential candidates almost instantly, and you can select the best resumes and profiles before sending them off to your hiring managers. This will save them time while improving efficiency with a quick and hassle-free selection. Candidate Search will allow you to create pools of candidates for your business to interview and hire before another company does. 

Why Choose Jobcase for partners' Candidate Search?

Candidate Search is the ideal add-on to your process for choosing future hires. It helps expand the range of potential employees, broadening the search by including candidates not currently searching for a new position. It provides you with their work background and full contact details, so you can approach them directly to quickly fill your open positions and avoid unnecessary delays. 

When you urgently need to reach more candidates for hard-to-source roles, or when your company’s talent pipeline is drying up, Candidate Search helps you find that needle in the haystack. Why waste time sifting manually through thousands of resumes when you can streamline and fast-forward your resume selection with just a few keystrokes? 

Jobcase for partners' Candidate Search Features

100% Accurate, High-Performance Resume Search Engine

  • Saves you time on screening resumes and profiles: Our resume search engine looks for terms appearing in the resumes and profiles stored in our massive database of 30 million workers, which is continuously updated with new potential candidates along with their complete contact information. 
  • Get access to overlooked job seekers: You can combine Candidate Search with other Jobcase for partners tools like MaxRecruit® or our audience and industry Niche Networks to broaden your selection process and augment your chances to find overlooked job seekers accordingly. 
  • Automatically align resumes with requirements: Automate how you sort and shortlist the best-fit candidates based on accuracy with the requirements for your open positions. The most relevant resumes and profiles will be automatically delivered, making the selection task manageable. 
  • Filter by functional attributes: Target, search, and filter worker backgrounds based on functional criteria, like keywords, location, job category, distance, and experience, or decide to narrow the search with additional attributes like job title, industry, university, or skills.
  • Calibrate the selection criteria: You can further narrow your results by education level, employment type, citizenship, salary, or employment background, enabling you to fine-tune the resumes’ relevance for a deeper search. 
  • Get access to candidates’ contact information: Save your search for future use and share it with authorized team members. You can access job history details and contact information, as required while polishing up your requirements to proceed with another candidate search. 
  • Keep track of candidates from across different sources: If different team members work on Candidate Search, you can eliminate the risk of having duplicate resumes by requesting our application to point out if a candidate’s resume has already been screened and/or shortlisted. 

With Candidate Search, you can perform a broad-to-deep resume search in our extensive database using our cutting-edge search engine with the assurance that great candidates are not overlooked. Narrow the list of potential candidates based on the criteria you set up through multiple parameters or advanced filters. Ultimately, you can integrate the data with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and other Jobcase for partners tools. Note: we provide a simple ATS in your Jobcase for partners employer account. 

Build and strengthen your employer brand with a Facebook campaign that builds awareness among a target group of Facebook members.

Reach Passive Candidates with our Facebook Passive Audience Campaign

Build and strengthen your employer brand with a Facebook Passive Audience Campaign. Grow awareness to a targeted, relevant audience of current and future job seekers on Facebook and Instagram.

Leverage Social Media Recruiting Power with Jobcase for partners' Facebook Passive Audience Campaign

Job advertising on Facebook and Instagram, its partner site, has big advantages for employers, including a chance to reach very large audiences, and strong targeting options.

Facebook has quite a bit of data on its users and is able to successfully deliver highly relevant content and advertising to the most relevant audience with great success.

That’s why social media recruiting has become an increasingly important way to reach potential candidates who use Facebook and Instagram.

Have you ever wondered how to reach job candidates on Facebook? 

What if you could promote your brand to qualified candidates who aren’t looking for a job right now, but who would be great assets to your company down the road?  Plus they might know a friend or colleague who would be perfect for your open position.

Using artificial intelligence from over 200,000 job ads, that’s just what Jobcase for partners’ social media recruiting platform does.  

It allows your company’s branding message to reach passive candidates right in their news feed on the top social media platforms—Facebook and Instagram – with Facebook Passive Ad Campaigns.

Jobcase for partners’ Facebook Passive Audience Recruiting Technology

Jobcase for partners' Facebook Passive Audience recruiting technology leverages our proprietary job seeker profile data with Facebook lookalike audiences. This will allow you to reach those users who are very likely to fit your ideal applicant profile in terms of education, experience, and skills.

Passive candidate messaging allows your company to create brand awareness in the minds of people who are not yet ready to begin a job search, so you are at top of mind when they are ready!

Benefits of our Facebook Passive Audience Campaign:

  • Build your employers’ brand visibility and relevance with targeted outreach via Facebook and Instagram.
  • Broaden the visibility of your employer brand by leveraging your open positions.
  • Advertise open positions to candidates before they begin a job search.

Facebook Passive Audience Campaign: How It Works

Facebook gives you a powerful way to build brand awareness.

We’ve paired our proprietary audience data plus Facebook's ability to create a “lookalike” group of members who are similar to your target audience and live within a 50-mile radius of the job location. Facebook Passive Audience Campaign is how you place ads directly on members' Facebook feeds.

Facebook Passive Audience Campaign may also appear in the member's Instagram feed.

This is a great way to amplify your presence and to ensure viewers become aware of your brand and open positions.

For maximum impact, pair your Facebook campaign with job postings via MaxRecruit® programmatic advertising and duration-based job boards, both of which are geared to active job seekers.

Our virtual career fair platform lets employers attract and talk with qualified candidates from anywhere via text, chat, and video conversations.

Career fairs remain an important part of employer outreach efforts to recruit new talent. In the current environment, “no contact” events make more sense than ever.

A virtual career fair provides a great opportunity to highlight an employer brand and engage candidates. In today's competitive hiring environment, virtual job fair software offers a number of benefits to job seekers and employers alike. 

Jobcase for partners' Virtual Career Fair platform readily adapts to events that combine virtual and in-person aspects, as well as branded events like Top Workplaces.

Benefits of a Virtual Career Fair

  • Matches Top Talent with Employers - Our virtual career fair platform uses artificial intelligence technology to both match employers with relevant candidates, and help candidates identify jobs that match their skills and experience. Everyone gets a better outcome.
  • Saves Time - Recruiters are busier than ever, especially when they are filling multiple open positions. In-person job fairs take time to organize and attend. Some may involve travel or a lengthy commute for both employers and job seekers. The AI technology in Jobcase for partners' Virtual Career Fair matches employers with the most qualified candidates. The bottom line: virtual career fairs save time for everyone.
  • Showcases Employer Brands - There is a lot of competition among employers for top talent. Why risk getting lost in the crowd? The immersive hiring event experience enables job seekers to search for jobs in their preferred location, and view information about hiring employers -- including enhanced employer branding, detailed company information, and employers’ videos.
  • Offers Multiple Ways to Engage - Communication takes many forms, and everyone has their favorite method. Our virtual hiring event platform allows hiring managers to connect with job seekers through multiple forms of communication. Choose one-on-one text, audio, or video chat interviews.
  • Cost Effective - The cost of conducting in-person career fairs can add up quickly. There are charges for facilities, security, travel, parking, etc. Online hiring events let all participants realize the benefits of a career fair, without the risk and costs associated with an in-person career fair.

How does Jobcase for partners' Virtual Career Fair Platform work?

  • Emphasizes the Brand - At a virtual job fair, employers have multiple opportunities to showcase branding. Depending on the event, sponsorship tiers may be available to participating exhibitors. Employers who are not hosting their own online event can speak with the virtual hiring event host to learn more about sponsorships and promotional opportunities.
  • Takes a Team Approach at Virtual Hiring Events - Employers can have multiple recruiters at different locations.  Each can chat simultaneously with multiple job seekers, and “hand off” candidates between recruiters, as needed.
  • Easily Saves Candidate Data - It can be a challenge for a business to organize and assimilate all the  pieces of candidate data accumulated by their hiring managers at an in-person career fair. With Virtual Career Fairs, employers can download their entire chat history with all candidates after the event; plus, they can see which job seekers visited their booth, including those who did not even chat with a recruiter.
  • Attract Candidates for a Full Month - Unlike in-person hiring events which tend to last a day or two at most, virtual events can last up to 30 days! The employer’s booth remains live for a month from the start of the event, to capture information on residual job seeker visitors.

Who Should Host a Virtual Job Fair?

Jobcase for partners' Virtual Career Fair platform is perfect for any company:

  • Large Employers - Companies needing to fill hundreds or thousands of open positions in a market love using virtual job fairs. They can organize their various company divisions into hiring teams and set up virtual "booths."
  • Municipalities/Chambers of Commerce - Growing cities with economic development programs can include virtual career fairs as part of their benefits package to entice businesses to move to the area.
  • Colleges/Universities - Educational institutions find virtual career fairs to be an excellent way to help place seniors and recent graduates with employers.

Check out case studies on recent Virtual Career Fairs:

To learn more about how you can host a virtual career fair, contact us today.

Access a Full Range of Industry and Targeted Audience Job Boards.

Niche Networks to Hire the Best Employees

The way companies advertise jobs to hire new employees has changed so much in the past decade. In the past, online job boards and company career pages were the primary places to look for talent. 

Now, programmatic advertising and niche networks have replaced the old way of finding the best candidates.

Niche Networks that Cater Specifically to Professions and Interests

Job seekers increasingly turn to specialty job board networks that cater to their profession or their interests, in addition to mainstream job websites. For recruiters filling job openings, it can seem like an impossible task when there are so many job websites and big job boards to consider.

The good news is, we offer a solution that enables hiring professionals to easily reach qualified candidates on top niche job sites, without having to spend hours posting numerous job openings! 

That's what Recruitology's Niche Networks are all about! It’s the best talent location for finding top candidates in specialized fields.

Niche Networks Target Job Seekers on Their Favorite Job Search Sites

Industry Networks

Many job seekers prefer to browse jobs on sites affiliated with their industry or profession. They find more relevant jobs that fit their skill set with less effort. Our industry job listing networks allow employers to easily post openings on the top duration-based niche job boards that their ideal applicant will visit. 

Recruitology's Niche Job Board Networks allow you to easily reach candidates who prefer to use professional job sites for these industries:

  • Accounting and Finance Network
  • Call Center Network
  • Cannabis Network
  • Construction Network
  • Education Network
  • Energy & Engineering Network
  • Healthcare Network
  • Hospitality Network
  • Information Technology Network
  • Law Enforcement Network
  • Manufacturing & Trade Network
  • Nursing Network
  • Sales & Marketing Network
  • Transportation and Logistics Network
Targeted Audience Networks

In addition to industry job search sites, our Targeted Audience Networks let you access job boards that cater to affinity groups, such as veterans and recent college graduates, plus job candidates who prefer to access other job search sites such as social media platforms.

We've secured relationships with the top job boards for each targeted audience.

  • College / Entry Level Network
  • Diversity Network
  • Green Employers Network
  • Veterans Network

Targeted Audience Networks enable recruiters to access the top job sites in the affinity groups they need to reach most. This offers DEI-minded employers an ideal way to broaden their candidate pipeline.

Social Job Network

Many job seekers are increasingly turning to social media to look for their next job opportunity. These platforms have sophisticated job search engines that operate similarly to well-known job search websites. Our Social Job Network automatically posts your job to popular social media sites: Twitter® and LinkedIn®, so you don't have to go to each one and do it yourself.

The Social Job Network has several benefits for companies who are hiring: 

  • Reach Top Local and National Talent
  • Easily Distribute and Manage Jobs on social sites
  • Increase your Company's Visibility with a Mobile, tech-savvy audience.

Easily reach top candidates for your open positions where they already do their job searching--with Niche Networks.

MaxRecruit provides intelligent job matching to the right candidates.

MaxRecruit®:   AI Powered Programmatic Job Advertising   

When you have open positions to fill, it can be tough to know where to start. The sheer number of job search websites can be overwhelming. You don’t have the time, or the money to advertise on all of them, but if you choose just one or two, how do you know your job will be seen by the most qualified applicants? The answer is programmatic job advertising. 

What is Programmatic Job Advertising?

Programmatic job advertising (or programmatic recruitment advertising) is the use of technology for buying, distributing, and optimizing job ads – and the associated budget - automatically. MaxRecruit distributes your job ad, and optimizes its placement, across 30+ top job sites.

Post Once, Worry Less

The solution to the online recruiting conundrum is MaxRecruit, an AI recruiting solution that connects employers with the right talent. MaxRecruit from Jobcase for partners makes finding the ideal candidate much easier for recruitment managers and business owners. 

Once your job post is set up on our platform, MaxRecruit sends it to top job sites for you. Your job will appear on top hiring sites, such as Indeed®, Glassdoor®, and more.

How Does MaxRecruit Work?

MaxRecruit analyzes your job’s performance on each job site we post to throughout the duration of the job posting. It then adjusts your job’s placement on the site and its cost per click advertising according to the site’s performance.      

Get more qualified candidates

We’re strong believers in quality over quantity. MaxRecruit helps you prioritize quality candidates by rating them as a Great Match, Good Match, Possible Match or an Unlikely Match for your position. 

Of course, you’re the ultimate judge of good candidate fit, but our ratings can help speed up the process by letting you focus on the Great Matches first. That way, when you interview, you get to choose from the best of the best, making you more likely to find your ideal candidate. We are in the business of finding employers their best possible candidates without the headache of reviewing hundreds of resumes.

MaxRecruit Benefits:

  • Automated distribution to the most effective job sites available and relevant for your position.
  • Our ActiveMonitoring technology provides round-the-clock analysis and optimization of your placement to deliver the best candidates.

Which MaxRecruit is right for you?

MaxRecruit Platinum
Work Remote

MaxRecruit Plus

MaxRecruit Hourly

MaxRecruit Platinum




Great for ...

All jobs

Jobs that need a higher budget than MaxRecruit.

Jobs that need our most robust budget, including hard-to-fill roles.

Tailored for work-from-home remote jobs to attract a wider range of candidates and focuses on the best areas for relevant talent.

Jobs that need a custom budget that can be allocated over one or multiple positions.

Hourly and lower wage positions. Works well for cost conscious recruiters.

Immigration ads. Help meet job posting compliance requirements.*

Automated job posting distribution








Active Monitoring technology to track job post performance








Automated budget optimization








Automated job post duration management








Job posting performance reports








Posting to top recruitment sites, including:
Glassdoor®, Jobs2Careers®, Nexxt®,








Custom advertising budget for one or multiple jobs and candidates, or for hard-to-fill roles








Ability to add additional budget and manage campaigns with a range of spend options








Supports remote (work from home) work








Higher advertising budget for hard-to-fill positions and professional roles








Robust advertising budget for hard-to-fill positions and professional roles








Lower advertising budget for hourly or lower wage positions








Meets immigration-related job advertising requirements








* MaxRecruit Lite offers a job search website other than the employer's, helping meet compliance requirements for hiring foreign workers. Uses Jobs2Careers, and the newspaper jobs search page. Provides search documentation with dated copies of advertisements.

What people are saying about MaxRecruit

"I like MaxRecruit! I have to hire -- and I need people now. It was a very quick process. In comparison to what we’ve had in the past, it was like night and day. " - Ed Rodriguez, Franchise owner, UPS Stores 

“MaxRecruit has been working great for us. We only started just a few weeks ago and have already hired three highly qualified people. Every applicant we have received has met our qualifications and then some. I am very pleased so far!”  - Beth, HVAC Service, Fort Smith, AR

“We've seen great results, and we like having the flexibility to choose where we target. "- an employer on behalf of The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA 

Find the Right Candidate Today with MaxRecruit!

Ready to get the most for your time and money when it comes to recruitment job advertising?
Contact us today to get started with MaxRecruit!

Still Not Convinced? This is what the Jobcase for partners' Job Distribution Connector for ADP Workforce Now Recruitment will give you:

  • Single Sign-on with ADP Workforce Now
  • Real-Time Access to Open Job Requisitions 
  • Self-service Purchase for Job Post Distribution 
  • Programmatic Job Distribution across the Web
  • Post to Niche Job Boards and Social Media
  • Auto-Fill Job Posting Details and Save Time

Install the Jobcase for partners' Job Distribution Connector for ADP Workforce Now Recruitment Today

Start rationalizing your talent acquisition process.

Join our Community of Satisfied Users

“<Jobcase for partners> has been working great for us. We only started just a few weeks ago and have already hired three highly qualified people. Every applicant we have received has met our qualifications and then some. It is extremely hard to find well-seasoned HVAC technicians; they are few and far between. I am very pleased so far!”
-- Beth (Energy & Engineering)

“Received qualified candidates, the service is reasonably priced, and [we] will more than likely hire from [the] applicant pool received.”
-- Rick (Manufacturing & Trade)

“The process was very easy. We had a lot of success due to the exposure … offered in the advertising package. We were able to fill the position.”
-- Elizabeth (Manufacturing & Trade)

“I like MaxRecruit! I have to hire -- and I need people now. It was a very quick process. In comparison to what we’ve had in the past, it was like night and day.”
-- Ed (Transportation & Logistics)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Jobcase for partners' Job Distribution Connector for ADP Workforce Now Recruitment

Q. I use ADP for payroll and other services. How do I take advantage of Jobcase for partners for my hiring?

A. It’s easy. Just click here or log into your ADP Workforce Now® account and visit the ADP Marketplace. Search for Jobcase for partners and click on the Start a Free Trial button. 

Q. How does the integration between ADP and Jobcase for partners work?

A. As your company’s ADP Practitioner, once you’ve signed up for the free Jobcase for partners connector, visit your My apps page on ADP Marketplace, where you should see the Jobcase for partners tile. Click on the tile to verify your company information. From there you’ll be logged into your Jobcase for partners account.

As part of your onboarding, we recommend that you view the Welcome video to get an overview.

At that point, you will see a list of ADP users from your company. Select the “invite” button next to each name you want to authorize to use Jobcase for partners. You can visit the “Teammates” section of your account anytime to manage your users.

From the Jobcase for partners dashboard, you or your designated users can post a job. You will be able to view your open requisitions from ADP and can select the job you want to advertise. Candidate applications will go straight into your ADP account, for your review and further action.

Q. What benefits will I receive from the integration between ADP and Jobcase for partners?

A. You will be able to advertise your open positions directly from ADP, with the confidence that your job will get the best possible visibility with relevant candidates. With just one purchase, your job will be distributed to top job sites, such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and more. You’ll have access to a range of recruitment products: in addition to our programmatic flagship product, MaxRecruit®, you can select advertising options that reach diverse candidates on niche job sites as well as social sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thanks to our Single Sign-On integration with ADP, you will not need to log into Jobcase for partners, and your ADP jobs will be automatically imported into your Jobcase for partners account. Experience just how easy and seamlessly your recruitment process can work.

Q. I don’t use ADP Workforce Now, but I do use other ADP products. Can I still use the Jobcase for partners integration?

A. Right now, the only ADP product integrated with Jobcase for partners is ADP Workforce Now. Please let your ADP account manager know that you’re interested in using our recruitment solutions with other ADP products!

Q. Do I need the Jobcase for partners Connector?

A. If you have a Jobcase for partners account, and you use ADP Workforce Now, then Yes, you’ll need to install and use the Connector to get the benefits of integration. If you do not have an account, or you’re not sure, just select the Jobcase for partners ATS and Job Distribution product in the ADP Marketplace. 

What people are saying about MaxRecruit

"I like MaxRecruit! I have to hire -- and I need people now. It was a very quick process. In comparison to what we’ve had in the past, it was like night and day. " - Ed Rodriguez, Franchise owner, UPS Stores 

“MaxRecruit has been working great for us. We only started just a few weeks ago and have already hired three highly qualified people. Every applicant we have received has met our qualifications and then some. I am very pleased so far!”  - Beth, HVAC Service, Fort Smith, AR

“We've seen great results, and we like having the flexibility to choose where we target. "- an employer on behalf of The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA 

Find the Right Candidate Today with MaxRecruit!

Ready to get the most for your time and money when it comes to recruitment job advertising?
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Our Clients

We’re proud to have launched job sites for several top media companies.
What employers are saying about Jobcase for partners
"In the short time we’ve been using the Jobcase for partners product, we’ve increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers."
"In the short time we’ve been using the Jobcase for partners product, we’ve increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers."
"In the short time we’ve been using the Jobcase for partners product, we’ve increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers."
"We've been working with the Jobcase for partners team for nearly eight years, and have established a substantial digital revenue stream because of our partnership. If your media company isn't partnered with Jobcase for partners, you are leaving money on the table and positions unfilled."
"We used to post on [a national brand], but we grew extremely dissatisfied with the quality -- and ridiculous quantity -- of applicants. Using our newspaper's new solution, we recently received 200 views, and only 26 applications, BUT 90% of them were quality and we hired someone yesterday. Out time-to-hire went from six to 12 weeks down to three."
"In the short time we’ve been using the Jobcase for partners product, we’ve increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers. "
"In the short time we’ve been using the Jobcase for partners product, we’ve increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers. "
"In the short time we’ve been using the Jobcase for partners product, we’ve increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers. "
"[Jobcase for partners] has been working great for us. We only started just a few weeks ago and have already hired three highly qualified people. Every applicant we have received has met our qualifications and then some. It is extremely hard to find well-seasoned HVAC technicians; they are few and far between. I am very pleased so far!”
"I like MaxRecruit! I have to hire -- and I need people now. It was a very quick process. In comparison to what we’ve had in the past, it was like night and day."
Ed Rodriguez, Franchise owner, UPS Stores