Recruitology and VONQ partner to deliver job distribution for VONQ clients

Powerful job network reach through 500+ sites now available to employers of all sizes

San Francisco, CA
Dec. 13, 2021

Recruitology and VONQ announced today that Recruitology’s job distribution service is now available for VONQ clients in North America. Employers on VONQ will be able to easily distribute their jobs with one click to hundreds of job sites in various industries including healthcare, hospitality, construction, manufacturing and education. They will also be able to target diverse audiences, entry-level talent, and local job seekers through Recruitology’s proprietary network of partner job boards. VONQ allows employers to pay as they go and post jobs through its marketplace, which is available on a growing number of top applicant tracking systems. The addition of Recruitology in the VONQ marketplace platform further strengthens its offering in North America. 

“Our job distribution partnership with Recruitology marks an exciting milestone for VONQ’s expansion in North America,” commented Joshua Akers, President of North America for VONQ. “We selected Recruitology based on the strength of their job networks and local media partnerships.”

Employers on VONQ’s North American platform can now amplify the visibility of their jobs on Recruitology’s network of more than 500 niche job networks. Recruitology’s network includes state unemployment boards as well as a wide range of sites that focus on candidate diversity, equity and inclusion. 

“We’re delighted to make our job distribution networks available to VONQ clients,” said Roberto Angulo, CEO of Recruitology. “VONQ’s leadership in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing in Europe and the UK makes them a natural choice as we expand our services to more employers.”

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About Recruitology

Recruitology makes the right candidates accessible to every employer. Using artificial intelligence and sophisticated yet simple-to-use tools, we provide unparalleled hyperlocal access to candidates through the largest network of partner job sites and media companies. We serve over 200,000 employers by delivering job visibility through more than 500 top sites, industry networks, and local job boards. 

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About VONQ

At VONQ we publish jobs online - uncomplicated and more successful for everyone.

We know how to distribute your vacancies whether you’re looking for 30 top talent roles or need to manage 30,000 job ads. VONQ Job Distribution Suite has the matching solution. So take the guesswork and complexity out of choosing which channels to post on and tracking which sources deliver candidates! With reliable job distribution automation, data-driven channel recommendations, programmatic advertising options, recruitment marketing experts and meaningful reports. Then buy only the channels you need—all from one suite.

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